martes, 8 de abril de 2008

Games we play...

To my future immigrant readers... sorry folks, this time the post has nothing to do with our process.
Though, now that I think about it, it might have something to do, given that we're about 35 days from our new life in Canada and I should start using both english and french on a regular basis.
So, invited by my friend Gabriel, here's a little game he started.
It is called Where were you? and you are all absolutely invited to continue it.
For further information, please refer to Gabriel's Life From Waterloo blog.

Where were you?

1) When the Challenger exploded (28/Jan/1986):
I was on summer vacations, preparing myself to start 1st grade at Escuela Normal Estados Unidos del Brasil elementary school in Posadas, Misiones - Arg.

2) When John Lennon was killed (08/Dec/1980):
Can't really say... I was born on April 19th 1980, so I was about 7 and a half months old!!!

3) When Argentina won the FIFA World Cup (25/Jun/1978):
Hmmm... tough one... probably half on my mom's reproductive system and the other half on my dad's (Lol)
Sorry... not my fault I was given these hard dates!!!

And I'll add...

4) When the Berlin Wall fell (9/Nov/1989):
Note: Though the process started on that date, it was not finished until early Oct the next year. I am taking this date because it was the one really made the difference from my point of view.
My grandma was German. She'd been born in Köln, Germany on Oct 4th, 1939... so you can imagine how much this meant to her.
It was not so much what was I doing at that time but how impacted her life (and mine, since we were ridiculously close to each other!).
She cried for days, but were tears of joy and I got to listen to the whole history from the perspective of a german who decided to leave her country out of shame, but which continued to be engraved in her heart with love.
A year later, my brother and I went to Disney, in Orlando and got to see a piece of the wall, so we took pictures for my Oma as a souvenir of past times.

9 comentarios:

Gabriel dijo...

The one about the Berlin Wall was for my next issue! :-)

Man, now I have to think another one...

Gracias por jugar, Paola!

Paola Bianchi dijo...

You can still use it!!!
I'll be one down for the next issue but I can still refer it to the previous one

Gracias por invitarme!

Alejandra de Maldonado - Uruguay dijo...

Espero que te apiades de los que no hablamos (leemos) aún también en inglés o frances.

ricardo dijo...

I am going to answer only the third one because for the others I do not remember exactly where I was.
Te respondo solo la 3ra porque no recuerdo donde estaba en las otras.

3) In the stadium, with all my family. En la cancha, con toda mi familia.

Saludos !

Mariposa dijo...

I was thinking where is the #4?! Did I miss it, now I know! LOL

Happy Tuesday to you!

Paola Bianchi dijo...

jaja, Ale, tranqui... todo llega, pero ponele pilas que sino te va a costar más cuando llegues!!!

Ricardo, I cannot believe it!!!
You were actually there???
What a show!!!, wasn't it?

Mariposa, thanks!, happy (late) Tuesday to you too

Alejandra de Maldonado - Uruguay dijo...

Gracias, después lo lei y lo entendí, pero no me sale escribir en ingles.

Anónimo dijo...

1) With my gnadma, she was very bad health.
2) I really dont know, but I think I was in the school.
3) I was in my home with my father watching TV
4) In the secondary school.

Why you wrote in english?

Paola Bianchi dijo...

Because of the reasons I have mentioned at the beginning of the post!
Thx for playing